• Image of UR Feeling by Simon Martin. Photo: Mark Blower

    Simon Martin - UR Feeling (2015)

    UR Feeling considers how people feel in response to the inherent architectural codes of the built environment and how the social history of a place can produce particular affects.

  • Image of Near Real Time (2015) by Gail Pickering

    Gail Pickering - Near Real Time (2015)

    Intrinsically circular and episodic in form, Near Real Time reflects on our contemporary relationship with images, seen through the historical prism of a pioneering community television project. Their last surviving taped broadcasts provide the starting point for Pickering's portrayal of a collective imagination and the ways in which it crystallised a relationship to camera.

  • Image of Untitled (Side Wilt) by James Richards

    James Richards - Untitled (Side Wilt) (2013)

    Lilies and Carnations wilt and decay against an oil painting of writhing animals. Silent and meditative, the film presents different arrangements and shots of the same flowers continually swelling, falling and expiring in a late night still life for television viewing.

  • Image of GONDA (2012) by Ursula Mayer

    Ursula Mayer - GONDA (2012)

    Gonda by Ursula Mayer responds to controversial Russian American writer Ayn Rand's play "Ideal" 1937 through a critical reading of aspects of revolutionary modernism, which continue to impact our society today.

  • Image of Fulll Firearms by Emily Wardill (2011)

    Emily Wardill - Fulll Firearms (2011)

    Fulll Firearms is a story of a house build to deliberately disorientate its inhabitants. The narrative touches upon themes of displacement and storytelling, and stands in the tradition of melodrama. The characters find themselves constantly having to adjust their expectations of each other so that they might be able to communicate within each other's logic.

  • Image of a still from Sebastian Buerkner's Chimera of M

    Sebastian Buerkner - The Chimera of M (2013)

    Entering the unfamiliar space of a stereoscopic digital animation, viewers find themselves behind the eyes of an unseen and distinctly unreliable protagonist. Arriving where he had once lived, he moves through the old haunts seemingly attempting to re-engage with two abandoned relationships, one with a man, one with a woman.

  • Image of Two Years at Sea by Ben Rivers (2011)

    Ben Rivers - Two Years at Sea (2011)

    Two Years at Sea (2011) is Rivers' first feature length project and takes as its subject Jake, a man who lives in isolation in the middle of the forest in remote Scotland. The film documents Jake's solitary existence, capturing moments of profound beauty as he builds a raft to spend time sitting in a loch and sleeps in a caravan that floats up a tree.

  • Image of Secretary of the Invisible by Marine Hugonnier, LAFVA 2007

    Marine Hugonnier - Secretary of the Invisible (2008)

    Shot on the river Niger, close to the city of Niamey, this film features Damoure Zika and Moussa Hamidou, who were Jean Rouch's principle actor and sound engineer, respectively.

    The film is set during 'Cinema day', a day during which people in Niamey could see as much films as they want with only one ticket. This day also coincides with an unofficial 'Holley' ceremony, an animist Songhay

  • Image of Look What They've Done to My Song by Michael Curran, LAFVA 2007

    Michael Curran - Look What They've Done to My Song

    Three songs 'The Devil is Afraid of Music', 'Look What They Done to My Song' and 'How Does it Feel?' were performed and filmed in the exhibition space of Matt's Gallery making it into an open recording session and film set for a three day period.

  • Image of Ah, Liberty! by Ben Rivers, LAFVA 2007

    Ah, Liberty!

    by Ben Rivers, LAFVA 2007

    A family’s place in the wilderness, outside of time; free-range animals and children, junk and nature, all within the most sublime landscape. The work aims at an idea of freedom, which is reflected in the hand-processed Scope format, but is undercut with a sense of foreboding. There’s no particular story; beginning, middle or end, just fragments of lives lived, rituals performed.

  • Image of Derek by Isaac Julien


    by Isaac Julien

    Derek was supported by Film London, More4 and marked the inaugural year of the Jarman Award.

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