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FLAMIN is pleased to announce the two new projects that will receive development finance in round 7 of FLAMIN Productions.

Roz Mortimer's The Deathless Woman and Paul Simon Richards' Quasi-Monte Carlo will receive development finance for bespoke mentoring and advice. Each artist will also receive a bursary of £1,000. After a period of development of up to six months, the artists will then be invited to re-submit their projects to be considered for production funding of £30,000.

The Deathless Woman

Roz Mortimer

Roz Mortimer, The Deathless Woman (2016)

This film will take as its starting point an unmarked mass grave in a forest in Poland. In 1942 a Roma woman was buried alive here and subsequently disinterred sixteen years later by the people from the local village. Mortimer will explore witness engagement with the massacre and its aftermath, and her own engagement with the grave, presenting haunting as a device to collapse time and uncover the forgotten history of the Roma in Europe.

Real places, people and events, researched by Mortimer, will be meticulously recreated in the film, using alternative locations and discarded materials. The work centres on artistic strategies that displace and destabilise the relationship between visibility and truth, drawing our attention to how absence, affect, and even ghosts might operate within a socio-political context.

Roz Mortimer lives and works in London. Since 1995, she has been producing both short and long form experimental films, which have been screened nationally and internationally at film festivals, galleries and cinemas, online and on television. Mortimer’s work is focused on expanded and experimental forms of documentary across a range of media, from film and video to photography, sound installation and performance.

Mortimer has an MA in Visual Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a researcher in the School of Media Art and Design at University of Westminster and lectures in film at art schools and universities in the UK and USA. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England, Wellcome Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, British Council, Film London, LFDA, LAFVA, Animate, Eastern Arts and Channel 4.

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Quasi-Monte Carlo

Paul Simon Richards

Paul Simon Richards, L*a*b (2016)

Quasi-Monte Carlo will follow a couple through a melodramatic holiday in the south of France. Footage will be made using CGI 3D modelling and filmed performance, borrowing from the language of both psychedelic film and TV sitcom. The action will take place in a series of guesthouses and hotels - a range of interior spaces, representing the places the couple actually stay in and the places they would like to stay in, from aspirational 1980s interior designs to flats on Airbnb.

The work is based upon a computer algorithm, called Quasi-Monte Carlo, which is used in industrial processes of simulation including CGI rendering, artificial intelligence, financial futures and hazard prediction.

The film explores the elasticity of consciousness and how one’s perception of a situation can expand or distort under the influence of fantasy, desire and paranoia. As the video develops, the structure of the work will become looser as misunderstandings and misinterpretations become stronger. The couple have spent longer and longer on the road together in relative isolation.

Paul Simon Richards lives and works in London. He studied Fine Art at the Slade and Philosophy at Greenwich University. In 2011 Richards was a LUX associate artist. He is currently a lecturer of Fine Art at Central St Martins, and is represented by Arcade.

Recent screenings and exhibitions include: Nile Sunset Annex: Both Sides of the Curtain, Beirut Art Centre (2017); Fokus 17, Kunsthal Nikolaj, Copenhagen (2017). In 2016:  Experimenta, BFI London Film Festival; Portal atop a bus stop, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius; L*a*b (solo exhibition), Arcade, London; Love's Hidden Symmetry (solo exhibition), Andor, London. In 2015: Voices (solo exhibition), Nile Sunset Annex, Cairo; Ziggurat (two person exhibition with Claire Hooper), Chandelier Projects hosted by Edel Assanti, London.

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