The Jarman Award

Channel 4 Commissions

Image of Untitled (Side Wilt) by James Richards

As part of an ongoing partnership with Channel 4, FLAMIN commissions artists to produce new short form broadcast works for the innovative Random Acts strand and previously for 3 Minute Wonders. 

Since 2008, Channel 4 has supported the Jarman Award with an annual series of commissions. 

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Jarman Award Random Acts Commissions: 

2017 (in production)

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Oreet Ashery
Adham Faramawy
Melanie Manchot
Charlotte Prodger
Marianna Simnett


Sophia Al Maria - Mothership - watch
Cecile B. Evans - Previously on Amos' World - watch
Shona Illingworth - Searching - watch
Mikhail Karikis - Hyottoko the God of Fire 
Rachel Maclean (in production)
Heather Phillipson - of Violence - watch


Adam Chodzko - Sleepers watch
Seamus Harahan - Eileen Curran - watch 
Gail Pickering - I blink my eyes to keep the time
Alia Syed - Clippy
Bedwyr Williams - Tyrrau Mawr - watch
Andrea Luka Zimmerman - More Utopias Now! - watch


Ursula MayeriBird - watch
Marvin Gaye ChetwyndHermitos Children 3 - watch
Iain Forsyth and Jane PollardParadise Lost? - watch
Sebastian Buerkner – Tosse Not My Soule


Ed AtkinsHappy Christmas
John SmithDark Light - watch
Rachel MacleanEyes to Me - watch
Emma Hart MUCH - watch


James Richards – Untitled (Side Wilt) - watch
Brad Butler & Karen Mirza – The Committee
Nathaniel Mellors – TSNI (Sporgo)
Shezad Dawood – 7669 - watch


Anja Kirschner and David Panos:

An Exchange for Fire: Sacrifice  - watch
An Exchange for Fire: Non-Citizens  - watch
An Exchange for Fire: Personal Responsibility - watch
An Exchange for Fire: Help - watch
An Exchange for Fire: Debt - watch


Emily Wardill:

Carlyle's Hands 1watch
Carlyle's Hands 2 - watch
Carlyle's Hands 3 - watch
Carlyle's Hands 4 - watch
Carlyle's Hands 5 - watch


Lindsay Seers:

The Necromancerswatch
The Paramnesiacwatch
The Projectionistwatch


Luke Fowler:

Anna - watch
Helen - watch
David - watch
Lester - watch

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