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contains detail of a wide range of lighting hire companies which provide a range of equipment for the media industry (See 'Lighting and Electrical').

It's worth assessing your requirements before approaching them as a full professional lighting kit is expensive and needs trained professionals. For the use of heavy duty lights you will need technicians or electricians (called sparks or grips) to assist with setting up and using the equipment. Most lighting hire companies can supply technicians as well as generators and transport. Below is a list of the most common equipment supplied for film and video productions.

Standard lights and equipment:


Transparent gel placed in front of a light. Used to change the colour balance or diffuse light.


Used to mount lights or reflectors.

Bounce Boards

Reflective boards or material used to redirect natural and/or artificial light.

Practical Light

Light used within a scene. Using higher wattage (between 100 - 275 watts) than domestic lights.

Sun Gun

Hand-held light using batteries.

Pepper Light

Small tungsten balanced light used for highlighting (200 watts).

Red Head

Standard tungsten balanced light (750 watt).


More powerful tungsten balanced light (2k).

Fresnel Light

Large tungsten light (rating from 1k - 10k). The larger lights require specialised lighting source.

HMI Lights

Very powerful daylight balanced light (rating from 0.5k - 20k) requires specialised lighting source.

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