New Work UK: The Sensible Stage

Date posted: 24.01.2008

Hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery, New Work UK: The Sensible Stage, a programme of British artists film and video curated by Bridget Crone, takes place on Thursday 28 February (7.30 – 9pm).

Following an open call for curatorial proposals, Bridget Crone’s programme was chosen from a diverse range of projects and forms part of an ongoing series of artists’ screenings organised by LUX.

The Sensible Stage is a programme of screen-based and performance work that explores the interaction between the frame of the stage and the frame of the camera. The programme includes works by Sebastian Buerkner, Lucienne Cole, Clare Gasson, Pil and Galia Kollectiv (LAFVA 2007), Gail Pickering (LAFVA 2006) and others.

Taking its title from Jacques Rancière’s ‘common sensorium’, the programme explores the idea of the ‘stage of the sensible’; that is, the staging of a common ‘moment’. Blurring the frame of the stage and the frame of the camera opens up questions around participation and spectatorship as the immediacy of the live experience is restaged for the camera.

The restaging of historical and avant-garde references acts to provide a stop point within the constant flow of information. And in other works, there is a framing (or staging) of a quiet or personal moment that places the viewer in a very particular relationship with the camera.

More information can be found via the Whitechapel website.

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