Image of Out of Blue by Zarina Bhimji, LAFVA 2002

Zarina Bhimji at Whitechapel Gallery

Date posted: 13.01.2012

The Whitechapel Gallery presents the first major survey exhibition of the work of FLAMIN-supported artist Zarina Bhimji, from 19 January to 19 March.

Tracing 25 years of her practice, the exhibition opens with the premiere of Bhimji's much anticipated film, Yellow Patch (2011), inspired by trade and migration across the Indian Ocean. Desolate yet beautiful close-up images of abandoned Haveli palaces and colonial offices in Mumbai harbour give way to atmospheric renditions of the desert and the sea, all accompanied by an evocative soundtrack.

Bhimji's FLAMIN funded single screen installation Out of Blue (2002) is also on show. An arresting visual journey across Uganda, the film depicts a sublime landscape that turns into malignant wilderness.

Rarely seen earlier works are presented alongside these ambitious film narratives. She Loved to Breathe- Pure Silence (1987) combines black-and-white photographs with colourful spices in a comment on controversial immigration protocols in Britain during the 1970s, whilst photographs taken in the Victoria and Albert Museum's Gamble Room and its galleries of Indian art in 1989 pay tribute to this treasure trove of late nineteenth-century Britain.

Lightboxes and large format photographs from Cleaning the Garden (1998), first commissioned for Harewood House, Leeds, and the Love Series (2001-06), panoramic photographs rooted in the research for Out of Blue (2002) are also on view.

Yellow Patch
(2011) premieres simultaneously at The New Art Gallery Walsall.

Admission for the exhibition is free. Further information is available from the Whitechapel Gallery's website.

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