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Date posted: 21.01.2014

Breaking News 27 January: The Chimera of M wins Canon Tiger Award for Short Film
Congratulations to Sebastian Buerkner for winning the coveted Canon Tiger Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam.
The jury said of the film: “Its visual language was astonishing and magical in its treatment of the third-person technique, and the combination with the heartfelt dialogue gave this film its hypnotic, poetic feel.”
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This year's International Rotterdam Film Festival opens today with a strong contingent of film-makers supported by FLAMIN. Sebastian Buerkner's The Chimera of M, produced through FLAMIN Productions, is up for a coveted Tiger Award, and seven other FLAMIN supported artists showcase new work at the Festival.

The Chimera of M

Film London has been supporting artists to make film work since 2003. FLAMIN Productions commissions new, single screen works which represent a significant leap in artists' careers - supporting film-makers such as Jane and Louise Wilson, Laure Prouvost, Elizabeth Price and Ben Rivers to make new work.

Greenlit from the 2011 round of FLAMIN Productions, Sebastian Buerkner's The Chimera of M premiered at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival. A beautiful stereoscopic 3D animation, the completed film is a sensory journey through an ambivalent universe of colour on many layers.

The film is one of 24 selected for the Tiger Awards Short Film Competition. The three winning films are chosen by an international jury and announced next Sunday. 

Supported artists continue to flourish

FLAMIN Productions is a funding scheme with a difference. It not only provides production finance but also professional development and bespoke mentoring opportunities. And the strength of this approach is not only represented by the inclusion of Sebastian Buerkner's 3D sense-fest Chimera of M, it is also shown by the number of artists with new films in this year's strong programme who previously made films through the scheme.

  • Laure Prouvost's Grandma's Dream
    Turner Prize-winner Laure Provost was supported by FLAMIN Productions in 2010 to make her first feature length work, The Wanderer. Rotterdam shows Grandmas' Dream, her partner work to the Turner Prize-winning Wantee.  
  • George Barber's The Freestone Drone
    One of the first artists to be supported by Film London with his film Shouting Match, George Barber has continued to go from strength to strength and his latest film The Freestone Drone is showing as part of the Spectrum Shorts strand at Rotterdam.  
  • Marine Hugonnier's Apicula Enigma
    Supported by FLAMIN to make her 2008 The Secretary of the Invisible, Marine Hugonnier heads to Rotterdam with Apicula Enigma fresh from a special screening of her widely acclaimed Ariana, shot in Afghanistan in 2002.  
  • Paul Bush's Lay Bare
    Award-winning film-maker Paul Bush has been making films since the 1980s. His latest, Lay Bare is showing at Rotterdam as part of the Spectrum Shorts strand. In 2001, the team behind FLAMIN supported his short Episodes in the Life of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Nicholas Brooks' Transit of the Megaliths
    Brooks' (Selected III) latest film, Transit of the Megaliths, presents a literal stop-motion animation, a road movie, a kinetic sculpture brought into collision with an interbellum countryside, surrealised by Paul Nash.

Film London Jarman Award nominees light up the Festival

And it is not just FLAMIN Productions with connections to this year's Festival. The Film London Jarman Award yet again confirms it reputation for backing the freshest talent in the industry, with three nominated artists showing their latest films at the Festival.

  • Ed Atkins' Even Pricks
    Shortlisted for the 2013 Jarman Award, Ed Atkins was one of three artists to receive a commission from Channel 4's short-form arts strand, Random Acts. With his latest film Even Pricks  continues his work's engagement in the seductive joy of CGI and is up for a Tiger Award at Rotterdam. 
  • Aura Satz' Doorway for Natalie Kalmus
    2012 Jarman Award nominee Aura Katz is at the Rotterdam Film Festival with Doorway for Natalie Kalmus - a tribute the ex-wife of technicolour inventor Herbert Kalmus, and colour consultant on films including The Wizard of Oz and The Red Shoes
  • Duncan Campbell's It for Others
    Shortlisted for the first ever Jarman Award in 2008, Duncan Campbell continues as an uncompromising voice who makes visual and verbal poetry out of the starkest images and is at Rotterdam Film Festival with It for Others

Read the full Rotterdam Film Festival Programme

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