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Ensemble Stars Give Advice on Starting a Career in Games

Date posted: 09.04.2019

On Monday 8 April as part of the 2019 London Games Festival some of the stars of Ensemble, games creatives from BAME backgrounds, gathered in Walthamstow to give talks on how to make a career in the games industry.

Each speaker walked attendees through their path towards working in games, and then discussed the different routes into the industry. There was a lot of emphasis on the constantly shifting nature of the games industry as new technology develops - Quang Nguyen, indie games developer and founder of micro studio, said that "there are so many tools available now... once you understand process and logic, you can put something together". Shay Thompson, a professional streamer for Xbox UK, also said as much of the landscape of games, noting that some jobs of the future might not even exist yet. Anisa Sanusi,  UI/UX designer at Hutch Games in London, with credits on indie games and triple-A titles including Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous, said that "you have to be creative, but you also have to evolve with the technology - the boom in mobile games didn't really happen until the iPhone, then now we have things like the Switch!"

There was also talk on picking up skills in order to work in the industry; Nadir Miheisi from the independent studio Funk Gorilla Games said that "when it comes to getting in to games and indie vs big companies I think you should go wherever you feel you will learn something. As an indie you will learn lots and try different roles - no one is ever on just on job or task." Of course, when it comes to non-technical skills, Nguyen commented that "like in any industry, people skills is number one - go to events, talk to as many people as possible!"

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