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Jasmina Cibic, Billy Dosanjh and Patrick Hough receive FLAMIN Productions Development Awards

Date posted: 13.03.2019

Film London is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 FLAMIN Productions development award. London-based artist filmmakers Jasmina Cibic, Billy Dosanjh and Patrick Hough will receive funding and support as they develop their new moving image projects over the coming months.

FLAMIN Productions aims to seek out mid-career, London-based artists whose ambitious projects have the potential for national and international exhibition and distribution. Once the development stage is successfully completed, the artists will receive production funding of £30,000 per project, as well as ongoing support and mentoring opportunities tailored to the artist. The projects signify pivotal progressions for the artists’ careers.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said:

“FLAMIN continually strive to identify and support artists who challenge audience perceptions as well as filmmaking boundaries. Jasmina Cibic, Billy Dosanjh and Patrick Hough collectively encapsulate this, whilst standing as three very distinct artist-filmmakers exploring political, technological and social realms. At a key moment in their career where their approach and themes are evolving, I am thrilled that FLAMIN are here to help them pursue their next artistic leap. I would like to thank Arts Council England for their continued support in helping us develop some of the country’s most exciting names in artist filmmaking.”

The selected artist filmmakers are set to embark on a range of projects over the coming months.

Jasmina Cibic’s work The Gift addresses the concept of a political gift; a donation of artistic, architectural, political or philosophical thought to national and ideological structures. This twenty-minute three-channel film will investigate how gifting is embedded within the landscape of Europe’s identity formation, exploring particularly intriguing examples of gifts of architecture, art, music and dance.

Billy Dosanjh’s project nineteen ninety four, hell yea, epics man, epics, or NNFHYEME, is a long form film of chronicles from the artist’s background and upbringing in the area of Smethwick, and issues his community faced in relation to migration and belonging at the half way point of their British experience. This single channel installation film explores themes of out of context lives, family, adolescence, alienation, reconciliation. It also combines investigations into the great journey’s effects on the neurological processes of memory and identity.

Patrick Hough’s work, titled The Two Faces of Tomorrow, is a single channel film installation, which shifts the conceptual focus away from his previous area of research around history represented in cinema, to new explorations around deep time, ecology, technology and the Anthropocene - the current era of human induced planetary change.  The film examines Algae (specifically cyanobacteria – the bacteria that make oxygen via photosynthesis) as an actor that has shaped all life on earth, from the deep past through to the near and distant future.

External Assessors for the Production commissions were Pinky Ghundale, Freelance Film Producer, and Helen de Witt, Film Festival Programmer, Curator and Lecturer.

To date FLAMIN Productions have backed an extraordinary range of British artist filmmakers, including the likes of Ben Rivers (Two Years at Sea), Elizabeth Price (West Hinder), Sebastian Buerkner (The Chimera of M.), Brad Butler and Noor Afshan Mirza (The Scar), Uriel Orlow (Imbizo Ka Mafavuke [Mafavuke’s Tribunal]) Mark Leckey (Dream English Kid 1964-1999AD).

The latest project to come out of the programme, Quasi-Monte Carlo by Paul Simon Richards, will open as an exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol, on 5th April.

Find out more about the selected projects

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