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There are many news and information services available that are of use to artists'working with the moving image. Below are the best maintained and most relevantnews services. They cover everything from international art exhibitions to Londonscreenings of artists' work, information on upcoming opportunities to productionsupport as well as lively discussion of contemporary practice.
The following e-bulletins are available from Film London:

> Bi-weekly Film London Artists' Moving Image Network e-bulletin

> Weekly Film London e-bulletin

Register for any of the above Film London e-bulletins here.

The following are a selection of news and information electronic mailing listsmaintainedby other relevant organisations:

Artquest E-Letter 
The Artquest E-Letter is a regular bulletin of Artquest news on events and oneto one sessions. There are  over 2,700 London based artists and craftspeople subscribedto the E-letter for free. The E-letters are archived on the website and can befreely browsed.

E-flux (electronic flux corporation) is a New York-based information bureau dedicatedto world wide distribution of information for contemporary visual arts institutionsvia the Internet. E-flux has a focused and selective approach to the informationthey choose to distribute. E-flux operate an e-mail announcement service whichincludes a direct e-mailing of text and image announcements to their databaseof art professionals in North America and Europe. The email announcement includesan active URL which links directly to each client's site.

Frameworks is "an international forum on experimental film, avant-garde film,film as art, film as film, or film as visual poetry; film's expressive qualities,aside from or in addition to its storytelling capacity. Any genre of experimentalfilm, such as film diary, found footage, abstract, flicker, lyric, subversive,expanded, can be discussed, as well as those films which fall into the cracksbetween the genres, or those not covered by other lists.

"All aspects, from film-making to criticism, are acceptable in this context,including unipersonal production, techniques, history and esthetics of avant-gardefilm, critical discussions, new directions, courses and teaching, festivals, announcementsof world-wide events in film, retrospectives, exchanges of information, etc. Thislist is not intended for the discussion of narrative film, nor documentary film,nor video , nor video art."

Kulture Flash
KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in andaround London. Their postings include information on art, gigs, films, talks,clubs and more - they are committed to profiling an eclectic mix of events inLondon. If you want to tell Kulture Flash about an upcoming event then you'reyour information They read every email they receive and we will contact you if they need anythingfurther.

LUX Newswire
LUX Newswire is a monthly e-newsletter giving information on International andUK shows and screening series, calls for work from festivals, open exhibitions,conferences and other events, opportunities for artists, new publications andLUX news.

LUX offer three subscription offers for its news service. LUX Newswire is themonthly e-newsletter for information about the world of artists' film and video.LUX Weekly Newswire is the monthly e-newsletter plus weekly information on screeningsand events in London. LUX Discuss Newswire is a new interactive discussion listwhere you will receive all LUX postings but will also be able to post messagesto other subscribers. Subscribe at their website.

Secret Cinema 
Secret Cinema is a well maintained and punctual mailing list that exhaustivelycovers London screenings of artists moving image work, experimental film and avant-gardecinema. Although the website hasn't been updated for a while the mailing listis well up-to-date.

UNXposed is a mailing list for London based video artists. The mailing list isopen to discussion of news and general information about video art world-wide,calls for submission of video-related works, notes and observations on specificfestivals and venues, announcements of video art screenings and exhibitions inthe London area, requests for technical information and links to other informationavailable on the net among other subjects.

Vertigo Magazine Mailing List
Vetigo Magazine maintain a monthly news letter to help you keep up to date withthe latest news from Vertigo. The newsletter has information of the magazinesactivities and events as well as upcoming film festivals and screenings acrossthe UK, Europe and rest of the world.

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