Tune In


An astute and affectionate portrait of the unseen community of HAM radio enthusiasts; ' The space age hobby where the world is your friend.'

Tune In follows the fascinating world of amateur radio operators, better known as Radio HAMS. Dealing with the politics of space and social communication, this portrait blends documentary and abstract audio to reflect the world of HAM radio and the use of DIY equipment in an ever-changing modern world.


Cast & Crew

John Crabbe
Steven Overall

Featuring the voices of:
Terry Barclay G0TBD
John Crabbe G3WFM
Steven Foulkes MW1STE
Mark Harper MW1MDH
Phil Manning G1LKJ
Steven Overall 2E1HFH
Eugene Sully G0VIQ
John Warbuton G4RIN M4RIN
Nigel Watson G1XBV

Director: Esther Johnson
Director of Photography: Nicolas Schröder
Editing: Esther Johnson, Winnie O'Neil
Music: Scasascia
Sound Recording: Esther Johnson, Chu-Li Shewring
Sound Mixing: Chu-Li Shewring
Lighting: AFM
Laboratories: Soho Images
Neg Cut: Computamatch
Titles: Frameline

Selected Screenings

  • EXPO Festival Plymouth, June 2007
  • Stills Gallery Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2007
  • Magic Lantern The Centre for Contemporary Arts: CCA, Glasgow, May 2007
  • Cannes Film Festival UK Film Centre, May 2007
  • Sound Forest/Skanu Mezs Andrejsala, Latvia, May 2007
  • East End Film Festival, June 2007
  • International Womens Film Festival Dortmund | Köln, Germany, April 2007
  • Loesje Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany, April 2007
  • I Seek You S1 Art Salon, Sheffield, February 2007
  • Fools Tricks MadCat Film Festival US Tour 2007
  • Pushing The Form MadCat Film Festival US Tour 2007
  • 20th Leeds International Film Festival Finalist Yorkshire Film Award, November 2006
  • Numero Festival Lisbon, Portugal, November 2006
  • The Times BFI 50th London Film Festival UK, October 2006
  • Archeopology Bureau Gallery, Salford, October - December 2006
  • Feedback Radio Media Space 06, Wand 5, Stuttgart, Germany, October 2006
  • MadCat Film Festival San Francisco, USA, September 2006
  • VideoClub Brighton, UK, July 2006 
  • 26th Cambridge Film Festival, July 2006
  • Project Background

    One of the largest publicly funded award programmes for artists in the UK, the London Artists' Film and Video Awards (LAFVA) scheme offered awards of up to £20,000 for production of artists' moving image work.

    From 2000 to 2008 the scheme supported London-based artists working in the context of contemporary moving image practice - producing work intended for exhibition in galleries, festivals, specialist venues and as site specific installations.

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    Key Information


    Tune In


    Esther Johnson


    LAFVA 05

    Year Completed




    Shooting format


    Screening format

    Single screen, VHS PAL / DVD PAL 16mm / Beta SP PA


    Blanche Pictures

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